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Sales & Closing

At Brand Ignitions, we Ignite your brand with efficient, effective customer service sales and closings. Brand Ignitions has helped over 280 customers selling over $18.6 million dollars’ worth of services. Sales are done with a high quality of customer service, language proficiency, and seamless client to sales rep interactions. From the start of working with us we are able to and have been able to guarantee a 32% increase in sales relative to a foreign sales team. Its time to bring it all home with Brand Ignitions. We ignite your brand, we care about your success, and we do the job better than your non-existent or foreign alternative options.


A company born because of the need for American phone sales representatives working warm leads. Brand Ignitions started in the internet affiliate marketing sector and has grown to MLM’s and many other platforms. The name Brand Ignitions clearly defines how we intend to grow your business, through jumpstarting and igniting your sales to the next highest level at every quarter with maximum results compared to foreign sales teams. We will help you understand how your product is performing, what your clients are saying, and how they are behaving in terms of opt-ins, conversion rates, and closed sales. The difference is that we care, we are local, we understand what is happening in the North American customer service playing field on the ground, and we focus on culturally and linguistically seamless services described above. Outsourcing is no longer necessary as we are redefining quality of in sources by an up to date competitively priced, method of insourcing.


At Brand Ignition, we help you with brand development at the same time as we help you close sales and deals. We understand that the closing of your leads, directly impacts your business and your growth. We help to facilitate this process through consultation, communications, information delivery, and customer service. Our primary focus is on your bottom line, we help you to create the dream business and brand valuation that you want and need. In terms of customer retention, we consult in ways to ensure that the customer is highly valued and ‘always right ‘. Phrases are used in consultation and communications to make sure that your customers are happy and remain happy with the products and services being recommended. Our personal touch goes a long way and this is never compromised on any sales call. In consultation and coaching, we also know about how important customer follow up is, to ensure customer satisfaction and increase conversions. We also work with you to turn you upset customers into satisfied paying customers. Let us help get you going in the right direction. Schedule your free consultation with us today!

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